6 great reasons to choose Air Traffic for charting a plane:

1) Direct route

You don’t have to worry about the fact that there may not be a direct route to your destinations. You save time and money on stops and accommodation.

2) Fastest possible travel

You get the fastest possible travel, directly from your choice of airport to your destination.

3) Confidentiality

You can discuss in private confidential matters when all members of your party belong to your company only.

4) Smart use of time

The plane can be equiped with promotional materials and the planes speaker system can be used for activities enroute.

5) Freedom

Particularly in the case of business trips, your schedule and route plan can be changded during the trip.

6) Price

We arrange for the most suitable, comfortable and less expensive solution.

We won’t give you just a trip

We are offering a high quality product which is suited exactly to your needs. Either you want to go on business trip, charter a jet to transport your employees on special occasion or just want a taxi trip for fun and pleasure, we are here for you. We will custom design services for you which will make your travel a pleasant experience.

24 / 7 at your service

We operate a 24/7 flight operations center to give our clients instant access to our private air charter services whenever and wherever they need them. And because we have been in business longer than anyone else, our team of aviation professionals regularly organize some of the most complex operations flown in the world today.

Safety & security

Safety starts at the desk – not when your plane takes off. We run this business as if we were in the cockpit of your jet. Safety and security is crucial to you your party at all times. Clients know that they always have the safety and security that they are accustomed to.

Independent broker

Air Traffic is independant air broker. We are free to use whatever company that suits our needs to charter a plane. We always choose the choice which is best suited for your comfort and your wallet.

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