Gunnar Strand
Gunnar StrandDaglig leder

With more than 52 years of experience in the aviation industry, Gunnar has focus on management of the company and achieving customer satisfaction.

  • 1961 til 1972 i Braathens SAFE Sola innen flyvedlikehold.
  • 1972 til 2009 helikopterindustrien med ledelse innen opplæring av flygere og teknikere, ledelse innen kvalitetssikring og styring.
  • 2009 til 2012 daglig leder av norske og utenlandske flyselskaper
  • 2012 og i dag leder av Air Traffic.
Ellen Poulsen
Ellen PoulsenDaglig leder af Air Traffic Danmark

With more than 25 years of experience inside general aviation, Ellen is supplying the best proposals with emphasis on safety, economy and service.

  • 1988 til 1998, Charter sales & operationals Manager i Falck Air AS
  • 2008 – til oktober 2009, Accountable Manager Operations i Air Alpha AS
  • 2010 til mai 2011, Accountable Manager i Air Alpha AS
    2010 – og i dag, Managing Director i Air Traffic Denmark.

Private flights, charter flights and cargo arranged at agreed price and agreed time.

We have been in the aviation business for a long time and our experience guarantees a professional handling of your travelling requirements. Everything from passenger transport to cargo, private journey, business travel and charter is taken care of according to agreed price and time – every time.